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The General Requirements for Cummins Engine Assembly

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As the name suggests, the assembly for diesel engine is, according to a certain process of technology and technical, to combine the repaired parts(or software), assembling units and other auxiliary units into a whole diesel engine.

The assembly quality of diesel engine has greatly impact on engine’s repair quality and service life , so there are strictly requirements for diesel assembly. For example:
1. To make sure the quality of all the components and assembling units is qualified. Before assembling, please be sure all the parts and assembling units has been inspected and tested.

2. To carefully clean all the parts, toolings and workbench. Especially for the container of the cylinder lubricating oil, it should be cleaned completely and dried by compressed air. The screws and oilhole also should be dried after cleaned by rinse water.

3. To prepare all screw nuts and bolts that are necessary to use. To make sure all the bolts system(Metric system or American system) should be the same size and grade whenever assemble or disassemble the diesel engine. it was not allowed to change or replace arbitrarily.

4. To replace all the used cylinder liner, cotter pin, locking gasket, metal locking wire, low plate mat, asbestos pad and cork packing etc during overhaul.

5. To tighten all the bolts such as cylinder head bolts, bearing bolts, the flywheel bolts and nuts in order and at a specified torque. We will list the sequence and torque value in the following statement of assembling procedure, if the specified value was not given, please kindly note bolt tightening torque table for your reference.

6. To coat a clean lubricating oil in the working surface to ensure the lubrication when the parts start to run, such as between bearing and journal, piston ring and cylinder wall.
A lot of gaskets and “O” rings for Cummins diesel engine are made of oil-absorbing material, and besides these gaskets will be expanded and then form a tightly seal when they contact with oil. Therefore please kindly note to use agglutinant or vegetable oil when assembled with these kind of gaskets.

7. To ensure not to interchange the parts when assembling. Such as the cylinder and the flywheel shell, piston connecting rod set and bearing bushing pad should be installed in the right position according to the mark.

8. To assemble the parts with specialized tools. There are lots of specialized tools to choose for Cummins diesel engine assembling, for example, oil seal and wear-resisting ring transformer, cylinder liner installation tools, fuel atomizer and air valve adjustment kits etc.

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