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Common Troubles and Remedy of Cummins engine

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1. The Cummins engine can not start:
Firstly, please check if the wire connection of storage battery and power is in good condition; the mark for the fuel oil is correct or air entered into the oil tube. if yes, make sure to release the air before running.
2. The alarm light on when the oil pressure is too low:
The mainly reason is that the lubricating oil level is too low, which will cause the degree for lubricating oil decreased and the clearance for the parts running getting larger.
But there is also man-made causes: in order to save fuel oil, parts of driver adjust the idle speed to a low level and then cause the alarm light on. Take Cummins engine 6BT5.9 as a example, the idle speed should be limit within 675r/m to 725r/m and accordingly oil pressure should more than 69Kpa.
3. If the oil level is increased mainly because some spare oil enter into oil sump through the cylinder wall. Therefore it is time to check the working condition for the fuel injector.
4. Uneven engine speed:
The mainly reasons will cause it happens, such as adjustment rod do not work flexible; the resistance for the governor is too large; the structures for every parts is not connected tightly or Low pressure cause fuel starvation and poor engine. If the above situations existing, please maintain the corresponding parts asap.

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