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It is very necessary for us to do some regularly protection and maintenance for our Cummins diesel generator set, and once we spot some abnormal performance and fix them timely, it will ensure our generator set with better performance, more economical and longer service life.

1. Daily maintenance of diesel generator set
1.1 Check the oil level,coolant level as well as fuel level before the generator set running, add them to a normal level if necessary.
1.2 Check whether the water, oil or gas is leaking or not
1.3 When the generator set starts to run, try to check whether all the parts and the meter levels are working in good condition, or whether there is some strange noise coming from the parts when they are running. Such as abnormal noise of the bearing, tapping or rubbing sound between mental.
1.4 Please kindly note and try to prevent the generator set from being wet by oil, water or other things.
1.5 Check the belt working condition every week. When check with the belt, tangential crackle or transverse crackle is acceptable, except the tangential crackle which intersect with transverse crackle. If there is any cracked or damaged, please replace a new one timely.
1.6 Check whether the fan is damaged or not, and ensure the fans are fixed well. Replace the fans when they are damaged.
1.7 Replace period of lubricating oil and oil filter. Only using lubricating oil with high quality( 15W-40, grade API-CH-4 ) and the appointed brand Fleetguard filter which approved by Cummins. Try to choose the lubricating oil which is suitable for local temperature, and read the engine operation and maintenance manual carefully when you chose oil and filter. The max replacement period of oil and filter under proper using condition can not beyond 250 hours or 3 months. If the oil is made of single component, its replacement period is 200 hours.

Attention: please do not allow the dust and impurity enter into lubricating system.
1.8 Replacement period for fuel oil and fuel filter. Cummins suggest using high quality fuel and the appointed brand Fleetguard filter. The max replacement period of fuel and filter under proper using condition is within 250 hours or 3 months.

Attention: 1 Please make sure do not let impurities come into fuel system when you add fuel oil and replace filter.
2 Clean the oil container regularly
3 Please do not use poor quality and non-Fleetguard filter, or it may cause fuel pump in seriously damaged.
1.9 Check air intake system and air filter every week. Check whether the air intake rubber pipes are cracked or loosen.When the intake resistance reaches the maximum limit, the air filter element should be cleaned or replaced as per the maintenance guide from the manufacture.

Attention: even though the tiny impurity and dust enter into engine, it may cause wearing of piston ring. It is necessary tighten or replace the parts to ensure the good sealing performance.

1.10 Starting for motor and battery. Make sure the wire connected with battery is cleaned and fastened. The interval for two consecutive starting must be more than 2 minutes. But the starting time is not allowed to beyond 30 seconds for every time. Please ensure o charge the battery regularly and pay attention to keep the battery warm in winter.If you want to get more guidance and information, please kindly note the<maintenance manual for B serial diesel engine> for your reference.

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