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Usage and notes of Cummins diesel engine when operation

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1.1   Running instructions for new Cummins diesel engine, you have to obey the following rules at the first period of running 1500-2500km or 30-50h
1.1.1          The should be running at mid- speed before starting to avoid running under load at high speed.
1.1.2          The Cummins engine are not allowed to run at idling speed or full load for more than 5 minutes.
1.1.3          In order to let the Cummins diesel engine run swiftly, we should learn to shift gear at the right moment.
1.1.4          Often watch and check the working condition of the oil temperature gauge, oil pressure gauge and water temperature meter.
1.1.5          Inspect the lubricating oil level and the coolant level frequently.
1.1.6          The Cummins engine’s loading should be limited less than 70% of the vehicles rated loading capacity.
1.1.7          There is no need to change oil and oil filters after the engine started.
1.1.8          The engine do not need special running-in oil during running period
1.1.9          If the Cummins engine’s running mileage is up to 1500-2500km or 20-50h, you can enjoy a free maintenance and inspection from Dongfeng Cummins Engine Co.,Ltd or at the consignment service station per the documents, such as <<Quality Control Manual>>, Purchase invoice or the engines or vehicles certificate of inspection.

1.2   Starting of the Cummins engine
1.2.1          Every day, before you started the Cummins diesel engine, the first thing you should do is to inspect the coolant level and the lubricating oil level, and drain off the water from oil-water separator.
1.2.2          The starting time for the engine should be limited within 30 seconds, if the engine can not be started, repeat the operation after about 2 minutes.
1.2.3          Watch the change of the oil pressure within 15 seconds when the engine has started.
1.2.4          If the temperature is below 0℃,you have to keep the engine running at a low or mid speed for 5 minutes to warm up the engine before it’s in full operation when we started it for the first time every day.

1.3   Warming up and idle speed of the Cummins diesel engine
1.3.1          In order to prevent the engine from running on full load, we should gradually improve the speed when the engine was in process of starting
1.3.2          The engine are not allowed to run at idling speed over 10 minutes.
Notes: if the Cummins diesel engine run at idling speed for a long time, it will cause a temperature decline in the combustion chamber and then make the piston ring and valve at a stalemate.

1.4   Cummins diesel engine’s running stop
The Cummins diesel enigne should run in idling speed for 3-5 minutes before stopped, so that the lubricant and coolant can take the heat from combustor, bearing and friction pair. This is especially important for the pressurization and turbocharged inter-cooled engine.

1.5   Notice for the Cummins diesel engine’s operation
1.5.1          We need to find reasons ASAP if the engine is continue running under the circumstances of coolant liquid temperature is below 60℃ or over 100℃ due to it will damage the engine.
1.5.2          The engine is not allowed to run when the oil pressure indicates lower the standard level.
1.5.3          When the Cummins diesel engine running at the speed of the biggest torque,it is not allowed to continue running on full load over 30 second.
NOTES: when the water temperature is normal, the minimum oil pressure can not lower the following data

Idling Speed: 750-800r/min
Under any circumstance, running speed for engine is not allowed to be over 3600r/min. We should combine transmission shift or driving brake as well as engine rotating device together to prevent the engine from speeding.
The engine should be running in good condition.

NOTES: In process of actual operation, we can through watching and inspecting the performance, sound and various of changes from engine to check whether it works in good condition or not. If there is something wrong with the engine, we need to stop it and then do some inspection and repair work.
Please often watch the following signs

    • The engine is too difficult to start or start with violent vibration
    • The water temperature suddenly changes
    • The power for engine running suddenly disappeared
    • The color of smoke is abnormal, it shows blue, dark or white color
    • Abnormal noise
    • The decline of oil pressure level
    • The leakage of fuel oil, lubricating oil and the coolant liquid
    • The consumption of fuel oil is obviously increased and the pressure for crankcase is too high

1.6   The right way to fill coolant
1.6.1          We should fill coolant smoothly in case of air in cold set is not easily to expel, and it will cause water temperature is too high when the engine is under running.
1.6.2          We should stop to inspect the engine from time to time when we fill with coolant.
1.6.3          If it is water-cooling in intercooler , the vent value should be opened when we fill coolant liquid into engine
NOTES: we should follow the above methods to fill coolant or it will damage the engine
A:   The replacement period for rust-proof and freeze-proof liquid is two years.
B:   Inspect concentration of rust-proof and freeze-proof liquid before it comes to Winter
C:    The cold system should be cleaned up before old vehicles using rust-proof and freeze-proof liquid
D:     it is not allowed to replace rust-proof and freeze-proof liquid with water.
E:     When the temperature is below 0℃, you should inspect concentration of rust-proof and freeze-proof liquid every twenty thousand kilometer.

1.7   The regular maintenance should be conducted according to the operation instructions and maintenance manual for Cummins diesel engine.

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