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Maintenance manual for Cummins Diesel Engine in Winter

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Recently, the weather is getting colder and colder with the cold snap struck the North. So how to maintain the Cummins diesel engine in such cold weather is very important. Thus here we shortly introduce some methods regarding how to maintain our Cummins diesel engine in winter, hope it also can help you a lot.

1. Drain the coolant

We should pay more attention to the change of weather when we leave the Cummins diesel engine in the outside after it stops working. If the local temperature is below 4 ℃, we should drain the coolant from the water tank due to the volume of water changes greatly at 4 ℃. As we all know, in such cold weather, water changes from liquid to solid easily, then with the volume expansion, it will damage the radiator.

2. Replacement of air filter

We have a particularly high requirement for oil filter and air filter working in such cold weather. In winter, the working condition is poor, if we do not replace the air filter on time, it will affect the service life of Cummins diesel engine.

3. Check the temperature before starting Cummins engine

In winter, The Cummins engine is allowed to be started when it is up to a natural temperature. since the temperature for cylinder inhaled is low, so we should take some measures to raise the Cummins engine temperature before it started.

4. Low speed running

Before running on full load,the Cummins engine should run at low speed for 3-5 minutes in order to raise the temperature of the Cummins diesel engine and check the lubrication working condition at the same time. In the operation, we should try to avoid speeding up suddenly, or it will affect the service life of the valve components.

5. We should try our best to choose a low viscosity oil when choosing oil for Cummins engine in winter.

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