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Daily Maintenance for Cummins Engine

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For a newly purchased vehicle, regular protection and maintenance at the beginning will ensure your engine with better performance,more economical and longer service life.

一.The maintenance for Cummins new engines during its primary running

1. The purpose for the primary running: through the lubrication oil running, it will smooth the burr between the engine parts and form a fit clearance to ensure the parts running in a float state.

2. Notes for the primary running: for Cummins vehicle engines, the engine’s load should be limited within 70% of its rated speed and the rotate speed is not allowed to exceed 2300r/m-2500r/m. Replace engine oil filter, air filter and oil-water separator etc strictly according to the instructions at a specified mileage.

二.Tips for daily maintenance

  • Before starting the Cummins engine should check the engine oil level , fuel oil level and the cooling liquid level. If the level is lower than the lower limit, please add it to full.
  • For primary running, the Cummins engine should run at a idling speed for a few minutes to make all the parts run smoothly with the help of lubrication oil, it was not allowed to run at full speed when it just starts. Because if it runs at high speed, it will increase the temperature between the parts and then speed the wear of the parts.
  • The Cummins engine should keep running smoothly and try not to run at full speed for a long time to avoid the temperature for the engine getting too high. Do not step on the clutch pedal or half-run the engine for a long time, it will speed the wear of clutch plate and increase consumption of fuel.
  • It will speed the wear of engine if you accelerate the oil boom after the engine stop running. And also there is no scientific evidence to shows it is good to start the engine for the next time.
  • The Cummins engine should run at idling speed for a few minutes before stopped to decrease the temperature. Or if the temperature is too high, the Worm gear supercharger will be damaged.
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