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Maintenance for Cummins diesel generator set

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Regularly maintenance and inspection of the diesel generator set is the most economical and easiest way to make sure the engine runs in good performance and reliable working status. Should do some regularly maintenance, inspection and make record for the results all the time. But please keep in mind that you should appoint the professional maintenance person who is special for the diesel generator set and has some certain experience in doing maintenance and inspection job.

The following working environment is not good for generator set running. They may affect the maintenance period of the generator set.

  1. Harsh environment temperature area
  2. Salt mist area
  3. Dusty and windy area
  4. Chemical pollution area

Therefore, please try to let generator set working in a clean, neat,dustproof, waterproof and normal environment if possible.

Without proper maintenance and there is no guarantee to fix the generator set well, we should pay much attention to your personal saft when you are maintaining or inspecting the generator set. Please do make sure the main switch of battery power has been turn off.

When the connector, diesel engine and control panel are under maintenance, please make sure the whole power has been cut off. Because if the engine is running by accident, it may cause personal injuiry or death.

Regarding maintenance for battery, the first thing is to check whether the battery is put in a well-ventialated position. Because any spark may ignite hydrogen gas which release from battery and causing serious injuiry. The spark may be caused by dismantling engine process or by the tool which connected with negative(-) polar wire access to the positive(+) polar wire and generator frame or accident collision with other metal, therefore, please keep in mind the battery negative(-) polar must be followed by the order of disassembly firstly and then assembly!

It is not allowed to smoke when you are maintaining battery due to the explosive gases will cause badly injuiry for the human body.

Please don’t let any flame, cigarettes or other sparks approaching the fuel system. Any spark or explosive can make the fuel combustion and lead to personally injuiry or death.

Please don’t start the engine when the oil level is above or beneath the normal oil level. The reason is running in the high oil level can lead to bubble or the mixture of oil and gas. The running in the low oil level can cause low oil pressure.

Crankcase pressure can cause the hot oil spray out and lead to badly burns, therefore, when the generator set is running, please stop inspecting at the same time.

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