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Main parts list for every system of power packets

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Power pack equipment can be offered according to customer’s requirements. For sufficiently unleashing engine performance, whole engine power pack from our company are evaluated by Dongfeng and Chongqing Cummins Engine Company, are recommended. The details are in the following.
1. Fuel system: fuel tank, rough filter, fuel pump, governor and fuel tube
2. Air intake system: air cleaner assembly, intake pipe, PTC intake pre-heater, Air-Air aftercooler heavy duty air cleaner, air intake resistance indication
3. Exhaust system: muffler assembly, exhaust pipe, exhaust ripple
4. Control system: control panel, oil pressure meter, oil temperature meter, water temperature meter, tachometer, voltage meter, oil pressure sensor, oil temperature sensor, water temperature sensor, tach-sensor, warning panel, indicating light, hey switch, oil gauge/water gauge, oil sensor/water sensor, coolant heater/oil heater, special electron govern executor, electron speed controller
5. Cooling system: radiator assembly, fan, fan shroud, heat exchanger assembly, sea water pump assembly, coolant heater, water inlet and outlet tube and bracket
6. Support system: front engine support, rear engine support, various brackets, absorber
7. Power out system: flywheel, flywheel housing, clutch, transmission, power out box, double energy starting fly housing

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