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Analyse of Cummins engine cooling liquid high temperature

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Fault phenomenon: When the diesel engine is working on the high speed, the cooling liquid is high temperature and result the high temperature stop.

Fault reason:
a: the water of water tank is inadequate and the heat release of water tank is insufficient
b: the oil of crankcase is insufficient or even no oil
c: the sensor of cooling liquid temperature is broken down and result in the testing figure not correct and maybe a little high
d: the air duct of radiator is blocked, the cooling air fail to access normally and result in the heat releasing ability of radiator goes down.
e: the drive belt of radiator fan is loose and radiator heat releasing ability goes down for the fan speed insufficient
f: the engine thermostat is bad. When the temperature of engine cooling liquid is high, the not normally open large cycle, cause the engine cooling liquid temperature high.
g: there is something wrong with the cooling liquid circulating pump and result the innormal of cooling liquid circle and then cause the high temperature

Fault handling:
a: open the tank cover when cooling condition, check the height of cooling liquid. The normal height is into the index finger touches liquid lever shall prevail. If not, then add some cooling liquid.
b: check oil scale and be sure that the machine oil surface height between the L and H of the scale close to the H to full oil level when the engine stops 5 minutes.
c: check the temperature sensor wiring and to ensure the connecting is firm and reliable, to measure the temperature sensor resistance and record the resistance when the temperature of display value and compare with the table below. If there is a big difference, please replace the temperature sensor
d: check the radiator cooling window. If have large amount of oil or dirt to jam the heat-sink window vent, do clean the radiator and ensure its ventilation smoothly.
e: check the wear condition of the radiator fan belt and its tension degree, to renew the tension belt when need.
f: replace the thermostat.
g: check the pump impeller. If damaged, please do renew the water pump.

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