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Cummins KTA19-C600

Cummins KTA19-C600 Construction Machinery Engine

General data of Cummins KTA19-C600 Construction Machinery Engine
Engine Model Cummins KTA19-C600
Type 4 stroke, 6 cylinder in line
Displacement 19 L
Bore&Stroke 159*159 mm
Dry Type Net Weight with flywheel(air cooled) 1633 KG
Wet Type Net weight with flywheel(air cooled) 1699 KG
Center of gravity from front face of block 572 mm
Center of gravity above crankshaft centerline 239 mm
Technical data of Cummins KTA19-C600 Construction Machinery Engine
Aspiration Turbocharged Aftercooled
Fuel System PT Pump Direct Injection
Coolant capacity-engine only 30 L
Idle speed 625 r/min
Maximum No Load Speed 2450 r/min
Maximum Super Speed 2625 r/min
Compression ratio 15.5:1
Firing Order 1-5-3-6-2-4
Performance Date of Cummins KTA19-C600 Construction Machinery Engine
Max Output @ Speed 448KW/600HP @ 2100 r/min
Continuous Output @ Speed 351KW/470HP @ 1800 r/min
Max Torque @ Speed(Max output) 2237N.m @ 1500 r/min
Max Torque @ Speed(Continuous output) 1898N.m @ 1500 r/min
Torque @ Max Output 2034N.m @ 2100 r/min
Torque @ Continuous Output 1867N.m @ 1800 r/min


The above is general technicial information of Cummins KTA19-C600 industrial application Engine. It is also for us to supply the Cummins KTA19-C600 genuine parts and engine units with clutch ASSY.

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