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Service of DCEC engine

From city to desert, from inland to sea, from plains to high altitude, almost one thousand service stations will deliver the best engine service to you all the time, all over the China. In the meanwhile, Cummins Co., Ltd and Dongfeng Automobile Co., Ltd. will support us with their global service network.

DCEC is dedicated to build first class service brand which matches its first class engines, below is DCEC’s commitment to all customers:

1)     Warranty mileage for the mechanical engines equipped to trucks is 18 months or 200K kilometers, warranty mileage for the electronic engines equipped to trucks is 24 months or 200k kilometers, whichever occurs first (excluding tippers)

2)     Warranty mileage for the engines equipped to buses is 24 months or 240K kilometers, which occurs first.

3)     The warranty time for the engines equipped to construction equipment is 24 months or 2000 hours of operation, whichever occurs first.

4)     The warrant time for the engines equipped to marine(excluding drive generator engines) is 12 months(or 1500 hours of operations in intermitten rating/3000 hours of operation in medium duration rating/5000 hours of operation in heavy duty rating/unlimited in prime power rating and continuous power rating), whichever occurs first.

1)     Professional Service:

Inspection and maintenance is strictly complied with Cummins engine maintenance standard, relevant procedure is published on the board.

2)     Timely Service:

24-hour on duty to handle the feedback from customers in time.

3)     Honest Service:

Standardize warranty parts

Standardize service parts packing, marking & maximum limited price

Standardize man-hour & labor fee standard

Standardize inspection and maintenance working process

4)     Standard Service

Standardize sings, markings, tools in engine repairing areas among different service stations.

Standardize the conduct of all staffs in service station.

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