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The basic principles of Cummins diesel generating set

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The basic structure of the engine: It consists cylinder, piston, cylinder head, intake valve, exhaust valve, piston pin, connecting rod, crankshaft, bearings and other components constitute a flywheel. Diesel generator sets are generally single-cylinder diesel engine or a multi-cylinder four-stroke diesel engines.
Here we only talk about the work of single-cylinder four-stroke diesel engine the basic principles of: diesel engine start, through human or other power diesel engine crankshaft rotation so that the piston sealed at the top up and down in the cylinder for reciprocating motion. Piston in motion the completion of four stroke: intake stroke, compression stroke, combustion and work output (expansion) stroke and exhaust stroke. When the piston downward movement from the intake valve opens, through the air filter and filtered fresh air into the cylinder to complete the intake stroke. Pistons from the bottom-up movement, intake and exhaust valves are closed, air is compressed, temperature and pressure increased to complete the compression process. Pistons will have to reach the peak, the fuel injector into the fuel through the filter in order to mist sprayed into the combustion chamber with high temperature and pressure of the air mixture to immediately self-ignited, resulting in the formation of high-pressure push the piston down to do work to promote the crankshaft rotation to complete for power stroke. For power trip finished, the piston moving from the bottom up, exhaust valve open the exhaust to complete the exhaust stroke. Semi-circle crankshaft rotation for each trip. After some work cycle, the diesel engine at the flywheel inertia to enter the work under the gradually accelerating.



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