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Ways to silence the Cummins diesel generator set

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A generator when it is running at 1500rpm rotational speed, in one meter from the unit will produce 105 dB noise, to avoid the noise come from the engine room, silencer works should include the following aspects.

1, the room started out Silencers:
Each room has at least one more than the entry, from the perspective of silencers, machine room door should not be too much, the general set up a door, a small gate area as no more than 3 square meters, the structure of the metal as a framework, insulation material attached to high-intensity internal and external to the metal iron, mute down the door and the walls and door frames work closely with.
2, the diesel engine air intake silencer system:
Diesel engine work, there must be sufficient to maintain the normal inlet operation, the general intake fan in the unit should be set opposite the exhaust port, based on our experience, the use of force into the air inlet means, into the air through the duct silencer was pumped into the engine room blower.
3, diesel engine exhaust system silencer:
Diesel engine cooling system radiator fan elbow, radiator tank volume must be discharged outside the room, to avoid noise heard outside the room, you must set the exhaust silencer exhaust system, air duct.
4, diesel engine exhaust system silencer outside the room:
Diesel exhaust duct for the exhaust silencer discharge after de-noising is still a high noise outside the room, engine room ventilation must be set up outside for air duct silencer silencer, which will minimize the noise of the outside air duct silencer for the brick structure, the interior is sound-absorbing panels.
5, diesel engine exhaust muffler system:
Emissions from diesel engines work a certain noise, emissions in units of the addition of a consumer speaker system, while the exhaust muffler pipes are used for fire rock wool materials to be packed, not only can reduce the heat to the engine room crew, and vibration can reduce the unit’s work to achieve the purpose of noise attenuation.

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