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The introduction of Fleetguard filter products

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It is not accurate to evulate the the quality of filter good or bad via filter’s appearance and its server. Shanghai Fleetguard pursuits the reasonable design of the filter. Its high-performance quality can extend the life of engine. Along with our full guarantee, you can be confident that Shanghai Fleetguard is the best way to protuce your engine. Let’s have a look the inside of the filter and perspec the good nature of the filter.

1)     The effiency of the filter
High-efficiency filter than the average filter to capture more impurity particles, the high efficiency filter can slow down the wear and tear caused by the impurities into the engine system and the cylinder, the following photo shows Shanghai Fleetguard and generalfilter to capture the amount of dirt in the 5,000 km trip.

2)     The quality of filter paper
From the naked eye, all filters appear to be more or less same, but under the microscope it will be able to see the big difference between the high-quality filter paper and (inferior) filter paper. For a general filter, it can only capture the coarse impurity particles, and make fine impurity particles easily pass undetected.

3)     The bond between the filter paper and the cover
The tightness of the poor quality filter is not good, leading to impurities but also from the gap between the filter and end caps slip past the filter completely lost the function of the filter between Shanghai Fleetguard filter with end caps by the processto ensure good bonding, and no leakage.

4)     The bonding between the filter head and tail fold
The same impact with low-quality filter paper glue, poor quality filter elements between the filter head and tail fold
Wire stitched or staples bonding (both off) or make gliding through the impurities from the gap between the line pins or staples. Shanghai Fleetguard metal clamp bands bonding makes sealing more complete.

5)     Meter Burr
Burr or tiny metal impurities exist is that the inside of the filter housing in general, they can be unimpeded directly into the engine system, resulting in engine damage and wear of precision parts, and easy to leak.

6)     Assembly seams
If the filter gasket seat shell seams are not strong enough, will result in a slightly higher pressure leak. Folder into the \”bi-fold lock seams, sturdy, insurance

7)     The center tube strength
The central tube is a pillar of the filter, if the central tube material and vertical seams, the connection is not strong, the pressure is slightly larger will cause bending or flattened, leading to the collapse of the filter, not filter. Welded into the center tube unlike vertical bite seam or spiral bite sewn into the center tube to the hard and secure.

But even if there is a good central tube design, the production of improper process control, resulting in the central tube collapse, which is the filtration efficiency, shorten the service life, and ultimately affect the normal operation of your engine.

A central tube design but weak control of the production process, resulting in the central tube collapse. The central tube of the two vertical side will be torn or cut the filter paper. The Fleetguard good process to ensure the center tube products of excellent quality.

8)     Filter quality, the quality of the sealing ring is difficult to identify with the naked eye. The quality of the sealing ring will directly affect the filtration efficiency. Use the wrong ingredients or poor process control to produce the ring, will lead to the disclosure, or even damage to the engine early. Shanghai Fleetguard Filter using appropriate materials, made ​​too strict production process control, quality assurance function.

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