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10. Communication Functions:
* Software of Supervisor & Controller.
* RS232 Communication interface (to be chosen).
* RS485 Communications interface (to be chosen).
701 Control System (see Picture 11b)
Main Features:
 Control Mode in the centre of micro processor.
 Switch Control by keys so as to safeguard the system.
 Manual Control for genset to start, move or halt.
 Concise plate design for the genset to start or halt successfully.
 Warning in images with figurative pictures and signs.
 Indicating the operation time for the genset.
Control Functions:
 Local manual start or hault.
Indications to the Situation for Protection or Breakdowns.
 Protection for low oil.
 Protection for high water temperature.
 Protection for hypervelocity and hyper-frequency.
 Protection for power breakdown by generator battery.
 Failure genset starting.
Auto-Halting System:
 When in situation of low oil high water temperature, hypervelocity even urgent halting the genset will auto-halt and the “LED” lamplight will be continuously shining until the switch key returns to “OFF”.
9.1 Manual Control Cabinet:
9.1.1: Genset Starting
Plug the key into the genset and turns clockwise until the power source connects with the preheating machine. If any start preheating machine is installed in the engine, in this place after a stipulated time, turns the key clockwise again, and the engine starts; if no preheating machine installed in the engine, then turn the key to the start of the engine. As soon as it succeeds in starting, loose the key and then let it return to the connection of power source.
9.1.2 Genset Power Cut:
Press the button of power cut or turn the key to the “OFF” place.
9.1.3 Read the Data on the Meter Directly (if you want to read through the data about genset operation); And Turn the Switch of Voltage alternator (if you want to survey the voltage of each phase).
9.2 Auto Control Cabinet:
9.2.1 Set up Auto and Manual Operation Mode:
Below the control mode are a line of buttons, the first of which on the left is the one for operation mode. When press on the position of “Auto” (at the moment the “Auto” lamplight starts to shine), the genset is in the state of “Auto”; when press on “Manual”, it is in the state of “Manual”.
9.2.2 Automatic Mode:
In this mode, the genset operates automatically. When some breakdown happens to the electrified wire netting, this control mode will control the genset to start automatically as well as the alternator controller and change to supply genset power. When the downtown power recovers, it‟ll automatically exchange to downtown power supply (performed by ATS). While the genset will automatically exchange to power cut after air cooled. In this process, series of parameters bust be set up, which will also be done before the genset leaves the factory.
9.2.3 Manual Mode:
About buttons of start and light of power cut, please see Picture 12 (inclosed).
9.2.4 Interpreting Data:
Interpret meters on the control cabinet about voltage, electric current and frequency as well as the electric current and voltage; the other genset operation parameters will be showed on the numeral screen of the flash diode pipe on the control mode.
Then interpret one by one the survey exchange buttons on the control mode.
9.2.5 Urgent Power Cut (used in the situation of emergency):
When the genset is in either the manual or automatic operation mode, it‟s available to use the button of urgent power cut on the control cabinet.

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