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Recently, the Fukuda Auman grand launch of its replacement products – Auman GTL, as China’s first world standard of heavy trucks, Auman GTL will be powered by engines of Xi’an Cummins ISM 11L expedition known as the “Oriental Dakar” ring Tara Rally, received from the desert, Gobi desert, dust storms, heat and other harsh environment of stringent tests, a first ring Tara Rally only entry of a heavy truck models. Leading brand of domestic heavy truck Auman, TX series from the beginning, on the selection of Cummins as its main power source, as the world famous Cummins brand power and its heavy truck engine’s flagship products, ISM 11L full electric engine has excellent reliability, durability and superior power weight ratio, for the heavy truck Auman provides superior power support. The expedition Dakar Rally, Xi’an Cummins ISM is a perfect match with the vehicle and its significant performance advantage of a power card.

As a global leader in green power technology, Cummins is always the first to meet the most stringent emissions regulations engines to market in 2007, Cummins on the first step to the global market to meet the Euro V emission standard engine series, ISM 11L engine to Euro III, Euro IV-based, common in the case of the main components can be easily upgraded Euro V. And Xi’an Cummins became the first certified by the State IV engine brand. State IV standard heavy-duty truck NOx and particulate matter emissions reduced and the National III, respectively, compared to 30% and 80%, fuel consumption can save 5% -11%, fuel consumption and stability, lower emissions. State IV engine cylinder combustion optimization and the use of selective catalytic reduction system (SCR), is the Cummins since 2005 successfully applied to more than 20 ten thousand mature European commercial vehicle emissions after-treatment technology. SCR engine can lead to better fuel economy, longer maintenance intervals and higher reliability. ISM11L Cummins engine integrated global R & D capabilities, high reliability, with low-speed torque, heavy and strong start, flat road to accelerate faster, climbing gear and other fresh excellent quality is not great. Selection of the world’s most sophisticated braking system, brake power up to 326 horsepower, significantly reduces the braking distance while reducing the brake lining wear. With the OBD-board diagnostic systems, real-time monitoring of operating conditions.

ISM-art reliability and durability, the average mileage of over one million kilometers overhaul is widely used in heavy trucks, buses, special vehicles and other fields, is the nations, Ken Wo Chi, Volvo, Peter Burt, the world’s leading heavy truck One of the main matching models, since the introduction of the domestic market since the mid-nineties, ISM series has heavy-duty diesel engines and commercial vehicles and other well-known Futian factory machinery supporting business success.

Xi’an Cummins ISM-leading technology and sophisticated product will be a world-class heavy-duty truck Auman help GTL to expand domestic and foreign high-end heavy truck market, as its global strategy of the “new impetus.”

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