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ET No. PartNo. Part Name
ET-PR001 3284377 Cummins Push Rod
ET-PR002 3284623 Push Rod Cover Gasket
ET-PR003 3941253 Cummins Push Rod
ET-PR004 3964715 Cummins Push Rod
ET-PR005 C3284377 Cummins Push Rod
ET-PR006 C3936188 Push Rod Cover
ET-PR007 C3284623 Push Rod Cover Gasket
ET-PR008 C3990737 Push Rod Cover
ET-PR009 C3283767 Push Rod Cover Gasket
ET-PR010 C3283767 Push Rod Cover Gasket
ET-PR011 C3284377 Cummins Push Rod
ET-PR012 C3284623 Push Rod Cover Gasket
ET-PR013 C3905194 Cummins Push Rod
ET-PR014 C3933449 Push Rod Cover
ET-PR015 C3935406 Push Rod Cover Gasket
ET-PR016 C3936181 Push Rod Cover
ET-PR017 C3936188 Push Rod Cover
ET-PR018 C3941253 Cummins Push Rod
ET-PR019 C3964715 Cummins Push Rod
ET-PR020 C3990733 Push Rod Cover
ET-PR021 C3990737 Push Rod Cover
ET-PR022 C4974975 Cummins DCEC Push Rod
ET-PR023 D3941253 Cummins DCEC Push Rod
ET-PR024 D3964715 Cummins DCEC Push Rod
ET-PR025 3931623 Cummins Valve Tappet
ET-PR026 3947759 Cummins Valve Tappet
ET-PR027 3965966 Cummins Valve Tappet
ET-PR028 4944725 Tappet Guide
ET-PR029 A3907240 Cummins Valve Tappet
ET-PR030 C3931623 Cummins Valve Tappet
ET-PR031 C3947759 Cummins Valve Tappet
ET-PR032 C3965966 Cummins Valve Tappet
ET-PR033 C4944725 Tappet Guide
ET-PR034 C5266303 Tappet Guide
ET-PR035 3017961-20 Injection Push Rod
ET-PR036 3046420-20 CCEC Push Rod
ET-PR037 3046430-20 CCEC Push Rod
ET-PR038 3057139-20 CCEC Push Rod
ET-PR039 3067830-20 Injection Push Rod
ET-PR040 3068390-20 CCEC Push Rod
ET-PR041 191916-20 Injector Plunger Link
ET-PR042 5272007F ROD,PUSH

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