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ET No. Part No. Part Name
ET-OP001 3912228 Cummins oil suction tube
ET-OP002 3944264 Cummins oil suction tube
ET-OP003 3957514 Cummins oil suction tube
ET-OP004 3978180 Cummins oil suction tube
ET-OP005 3978189 Cummins oil suction tube
ET-OP006 C3934942 Cummins oil suction tube
ET-OP007 A3960074 Cummins oil suction tube
ET-OP008 C3905206 Cummins oil suction tube
ET-OP009 C3287755 Cummins oil suction tube
ET-OP010 C3905206 Cummins oil suction tube
ET-OP011 C3905223 Cummins oil suction tube
ET-OP012 C3910787 Cummins oil suction tube
ET-OP013 C3920795 Cummins oil suction tube
ET-OP014 C3921719 Oil suction tube
ET-OP015 C3921992 Oil suction tube
ET-OP016 C3928828 Oil suction tube
ET-OP017 C3934942 Oil suction tube
ET-OP018 C3944264 Oil suction tube
ET-OP019 C3964028 Oil suction tube
ET-OP020 C3977790 Oil suction tube
ET-OP021 C3978176 Oil suction tube
ET-OP022 C3978180 Oil suction tube
ET-OP023 C3978183 Oil suction tube
ET-OP024 C3978189 Oil suction tube
ET-OP025 C4942685 Oil suction tube
ET-OP026 C4959963 Oil suction tube
ET-OP027 C4975184 Oil suction tube
ET-OP028 3974546 Cummins Oil Return Pipe
ET-OP029 5255744 Cummins Oil Return Pipe
ET-OP030 A3960004 Cummins Oil Return Pipe
ET-OP031 C3960393 Cummins Oil Return Pipe
ET-OP032 C3960393 Cummins Oil Return Pipe
ET-OP033 C5258273 Cummins Oil Return Pipe
ET-OP034 C4991578 Cummins Oil Return Pipe
ET-OP035 C4975037 Cummins oil supply tube
ET-OP036 C3415375 High-Pressure Oil Pipe
ET-OP037 C3415376 High-Pressure Oil Pipe
ET-OP038 C3415439 High-Pressure Oil Pipe
ET-OP039 C3415639 High-Pressure Oil Pipe
ET-OP040 C3925324 High-Pressure Oil Pipe
ET-OP041 C3960867 High-Pressure Oil Pipe
ET-OP042 C3964141 High-Pressure Oil Pipe
ET-OP043 C3964144 High-Pressure Oil Pipe
ET-OP044 C3966996 High-Pressure Oil Pipe
ET-OP045 C3967853 High-Pressure Oil Pipe
ET-OP046 C3973458 High-Pressure Oil Pipe
ET-OP047 C3976433 High-Pressure Oil Pipe
ET-OP048 C3976434 High-Pressure Oil Pipe
ET-OP049 C3978031 High-Pressure Oil Pipe
ET-OP050 C3978032 High-Pressure Oil Pipe
ET-OP051 C3978034 High-Pressure Oil Pipe
ET-OP052 C3978036 High-Pressure Oil Pipe
ET-OP053 C3978244 High-Pressure Oil Pipe
ET-OP054 C4934023 High-Pressure Oil Pipe
ET-OP055 C4934129 High-Pressure Oil Pipe
ET-OP056 C4982686 High-Pressure Oil Pipe
ET-OP057 D3924421 High-Pressure Oil Pipe
ET-OP058 D3975042 High-Pressure Oil Pipe
ET-OP059 D3978031 High-Pressure Oil Pipe
ET-OP060 D3978032 High-Pressure Oil Pipe
ET-OP061 D3978034 High-Pressure Oil Pipe
ET-OP062 D3978036 High-Pressure Oil Pipe
ET-OP063 D3978244 High-Pressure Oil Pipe
ET-OP064 L00148 High-Pressure Oil Pipe
ET-OP065 L00149 High-Pressure Oil Pipe
ET-OP066 L00191 High-Pressure Oil Pipe
ET-OP067 L00192 High-Pressure Oil Pipe
ET-OP068 L00303 High-Pressure Oil Pipe
ET-OP069 L00304 High-Pressure Oil Pipe
ET-OP070 L00342 High-Pressure Oil Pipe
ET-OP071 L00343 High-Pressure Oil Pipe
ET-OP072 L00356 High-Pressure Oil Pipe
ET-OP073 L00528 High-Pressure Oil Pipe
ET-OP074 L00529 High-Pressure Oil Pipe
ET-OP075 C3415414 High-Pressure Oil Pipe ASSY
ET-OP076 C3415440 High-Pressure Oil Pipe ASSY
ET-OP077 C3930354 High-Pressure Oil Pipe ASSY
ET-OP078 C3960419 High-Pressure Oil Pipe ASSY
ET-OP079 C3960464 High-Pressure Oil Pipe ASSY
ET-OP080 C3960465 High-Pressure Oil Pipe ASSY
ET-OP081 C3974346 High-Pressure Oil Pipe ASSY
ET-OP082 C3974347 High-Pressure Oil Pipe ASSY
ET-OP083 C4929779 High-Pressure Oil Pipe ASSY
ET-OP084 C4931029 High-Pressure Oil Pipe ASSY
ET-OP085 C4931699 High-Pressure Oil Pipe ASSY
ET-OP086 C4931723 High-Pressure Oil Pipe ASSY
ET-OP087 C4932502 High-Pressure Oil Pipe ASSY
ET-OP088 C4934470 High-Pressure Oil Pipe ASSY
ET-OP089 C4982695 High-Pressure Oil Pipe ASSY
ET-OP090 C4983775 High-Pressure Oil Pipe ASSY
ET-OP091 C4988286 High-Pressure Oil Pipe ASSY
ET-OP092 C4991550 High-Pressure Oil Pipe ASSY
ET-OP093 C4991551 High-Pressure Oil Pipe ASSY
ET-OP094 L00289 High-Pressure Oil Pipe ASSY
ET-OP095 L00290 High-Pressure Oil Pipe ASSY
ET-OP096 205298-20 Tube, Lub Oil Transfer
ET-OP097 3011048-20 Tube, Lub Suction
ET-OP098 3011049-20 Tube, Lub Suction
ET-OP099 3049691-20 Oil Bypass Tube
ET-OP100 3082557-20 Manifold, Oil
ET-OP101 3084620-20 Manifold, Oil
ET-OP102 3084621-20 Manifold, Oil
ET-OP103 3084622-20 Manifold, Oil
ET-OP104 3175772-20 Tube, Lub Oil Supply(left)
ET-OP105 3175775-20 Tube, Lub Oil Supply(right)
ET-OP106 3655112-20 Connection,Oil Suction
ET-OP107 3655216-20 Connection,Oil Suction
ET-OP108 3811993-20 Tube, Lub Oil Transfer
ET-OP109 3882346-20 Tube, Lub Oil Transfer
ET-OP110 3899910-20 Manifold, Oil
ET-OP111 4922486-20 Manifold, Oil
ET-OP112 3026705-20 Tube,Oil Transfer
ET-OP113 3058373-20 Tube,Oil Transfer
ET-OP114 3629341-20 Connector, Oil Transfer
ET-OP115 3645045-20 Connector, Oil Transfer
ET-OP116 3175257-20 Bracket, Oil Transfer
ET-OP117 3024392-20 Tube, Oil Suction
ET-OP118 3070759-20 Tube, Oil Suction
ET-OP119 3175658-20 Tube, Oil Suction
ET-OP120 3328583-20 Tube, Oil Suction
ET-OP121 4913533-20 Tube, Oil Suction
ET-OP122 4913728-20 Tube, Oil Suction
ET-OP123 4914097-20 Tube, Oil Suction
ET-OP124 AD20031 MS-20 Tube, Oil Suction
ET-OP125 3002351-20 Branket, Oil Suction
ET-OP126 3009727-20 Branket, Oil Suction
ET-OP127 3065707-20 Branket, Oil Suction
ET-OP128 3014670-20 Tube, Oil Drain
ET-OP129 3022821-20 Tube, Oil Drain
ET-OP130 3037660-20 Tube, Oil Drain
ET-OP131 3251015-20 Tube, Oil Drain
ET-OP132 3200273-20 Tube,Tur Oil Supply
ET-OP133 4094811-20 Tube,Tur Oil Supply
ET-OP134 3044929-20 Tube, Tur Oil Drain
ET-OP135 3076164-20 Tube, Tur Oil Drain
ET-OP136 3165609-20 Tube, Tur Oil Drain
ET-OP137 3328643-20 Tube, Tur Oil Drain
ET-OP138 3394591-20 Tube, Tur Oil Drain
ET-OP139 3632334-20 Tube, Tur Oil Drain
ET-OP140 3632339-20 Tube, Tur Oil Drain
ET-OP141 3899508-20 Tube, Tur Oil Drain
ET-OP142 4060758-20 Tube, Tur Oil Drain
ET-OP143 4061038-20 Tube, Tur Oil Drain
ET-OP144 4090517-20 Tube, Tur Oil Drain
ET-OP145 4913979-20 Tube, Tur Oil Drain
ET-OP146 4914181-20 Tube, Tur Oil Drain
ET-OP147 4914197-20 Tube, Tur Oil Drain
ET-OP148 4914206-20 Tube, Tur Oil Drain
ET-OP149 4914213-20 Tube, Tur Oil Drain
ET-OP150 4914428-20 Tube, Tur Oil Drain
ET-OP151 4914582-20 Tube, Tur Oil Drain
ET-OP152 3200178-20 Tube, Tur Oil Drain

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