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The history for Cummins in China can date back to more than half a century ago of 1940s. On 11th Mar, 1941, President Franklin Roosevelt signed <Lend-Lease Program> and allowed the Untied States to provide assistance to the 38 allied countries during the war, which including China. Among the assistance for China, patrols and military trucks assembled with Cummins engine was included.
At the end of 1944, one of a Chongqing companies wrote to Cummins and seek for a business corporation. In order to realize Localization of production in China, J. Irwin Miller, the general manager, was greatly interested in this cooperation. And he planned to built plants in China after the Sino-Japanese War. As we all know, the thought became a reality after 30 years of 1970s, with the relationship between China and the United States easing gradually.
The investment by Cummins and its affiliated entities in China is accumulated more than 1 billion dollars. As the largest foreign investors in diesel engine industry of China, the official business connection with China started in 1975, the president of Cummins, J. Irwin Miller, paid his first visit to Beijing and became one of the first American entrepreneurs to seek for business cooperation with China. Since the established diplomatic relations between China and the United States in 1979, the first office was founded in Beijing at the beginning when we opened our door to the outside world.
Cummins, as one of the first western diesel engine companies which successfully realized Localization of production in China, started to produce engines with licensee in Chongqing engine plant in 1981. And in 1995, the first joint venture engine plant was established. So far, in total there are 28 operating companies including 15 wholly state owned enterprises and joint venture enterprises.
There are over 8000 employees and the mainly products are engines, generator sets, alternators, filtration system, turbo system, after treatment system and fuel system.
Service network including 12 regional service centers, 30+ Customer Support Platforms, and 300+ authorized dealers.
Cummins insist on establishing a long term strategic union with large enterprises of China to realize common development. As the first foreign engine enterprise to proceed locally produced in China, Cummins has built up four engine joint venture plants with key Chinese OEMs, including Dongfeng Cummins Plant(DCEC), Shangxi Group Cummins Plant and Beijing Foton Cummins Plant. 14 of 23 Cummins engine series locally produced in China.
Cummins is also the first foreign company to set up R&D Centers in China, in Aug of 2006, the R&D center which was founded by Cummins and Dongfeng cooperation started to run in Wuhan, Hubei province.
In 2012, the total sales is up to 3 billion dollars and China has became the biggest and fastest growing overseas market for Cummins worldwide.
According to completely and fully detailed discussion, the two sides has came to an agreement in cooperation and lay out a blueprint for the future of Chongqing Cummins Engine Company(CCEC), which including the following points:
1. CCEC will import the advanced world-class high power diesel engine from the United States Cummins, such as Model QSK50、QSK60 and QSK72.
2. Build up a production base for the new high power products in CCEC.
3. CCEC will develop and promote gas engine products, and the United States Cummins will provide technology support, with the aim to push the joint venture companies to develop natural gas, shale gas, methane, coaled methane and associated gas engines and then to win the potential market which guided by the Chinese government of environmental protection, recycling economy and new energy policies.
4. To set up a new high-power engine R&D center in CCEC, which has the function of research and development, test and experiment. To provide a strong technology support for the sustainable development of CCEC.
5. To make CCEC became the world-class manufacture base of high power engine. In 2017, the target of sales is up to 1 billion dollars, and in 2022, with 2 billion dollars.

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