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ET No. Part No. Part Name
ETP-FA001 A3914462 Cummins Fan Pully
ETP-FA002 A3914463 Cummins Fan Pully
ETP-FA003 C3914458 Cummins Fan Pully
ETP-FA004 C3914459 Cummins Fan Pully
ETP-FA005 C3914462 Cummins Fan Pully
ETP-FA006 C3914463 Cummins Fan Pully
ETP-FA007 C3926854 Cummins Fan Pully
ETP-FA008 C3926855 Cummins Fan Pully
ETP-FA009 C3971283 Cummins Fan Pully
ETP-FA010 C4974989 Cummins Fan Pully
ETP-FA011 Z3900057 Cummins Fan Pully
ETP-FA012 Z3900148 Fan Mounting Plate
ETP-FA013 Z3900149 Fan Mounting Plate
ETP-FA014 C3910129 Fan Install Partition Block
ETP-FA015 13.4F5Y-08005 Fan Filling Block
ETP-FA016 13Q01-08006 Fan Filling Block
ETP-FA017 C3910130 Fan Partition Block
ETP-FA018 C3910131 Fan Partition Block
ETP-FA019 C4981627 Fan Partition Block
ETP-FA020 C4981631 Fan Partition Block
ETP-FA021 C4989476 Fan Connection
ETP-FA022 C4935250 Cummins Fan Clutch
ETP-FA023 13.4BY-08002 Fan Coupling Flange
ETP-FA024 1308012-F33BO Fan Coupling Flange
ETP-FA025 1308012-F85B0 Fan Coupling Flange
ETP-FA026 C4936390 Fan Coupling Flange
ETP-FA027 L00234 Fan Coupling Flange
ETP-FA028 13B36C-08002 Fan Coupling Flange
ETP-FA029 13N-08002 Fan Coupling Flange
ETP-FA030 13V02-08048 Fan Coupling Flange
ETP-FA031 13V24-08048 Fan Coupling Flange
ETP-FA032 13V28-08048 Fan Coupling Flange
ETP-FA033 C4931779 Fan Coupling Flange
ETP-FA034 C4931783 Fan Coupling Flange
ETP-FA035 C4931784 Fan Coupling Flange
ETP-FA036 C4931787 Fan Coupling Flange
ETP-FA037 C4931790 Fan Coupling Flange
ETP-FA038 C4931791 Fan Coupling Flange
ETP-FA039 C4931794 Fan Coupling Flange
ETP-FA040 C4931798 Fan Coupling Flange
ETP-FA041 C4931800 Fan Coupling Flange
ETP-FA042 C4931805 Fan Coupling Flange
ETP-FA043 C4931806 Fan Coupling Flange
ETP-FA044 C4931865 Fan Coupling Flange
ETP-FA045 C4933608 Fan Coupling Flange
ETP-FA046 C4933609 Fan Coupling Flange
ETP-FA047 C4935066 Fan Coupling Flange
ETP-FA048 C4936944 Fan Coupling Flange
ETP-FA049 C4938326 Fan Coupling Flange
ETP-FA050 C4980794 Fan Coupling Flange
ETP-FA051 Z3900000 Fan Coupling Flange
ETP-FA052 Z3900014 Fan Coupling Flange
ETP-FA053 Z3900020 Fan Coupling Flange
ETP-FA054 Z3900061 Fan Coupling Flange
ETP-FA055 Z3900063 Fan Coupling Flange
ETP-FA056 Z3900081 Fan Coupling Flange
ETP-FA057 Z3900108 Fan Coupling Flange
ETP-FA058 Z3900117 Fan Coupling Flange
ETP-FA059 Z3900137 Fan Coupling Flange
ETP-FA060 Z3900152 Fan Coupling Flange
ETP-FA061 Z3900204 Fan Coupling Flange
ETP-FA062 Z3900206 Fan Coupling Flange
ETP-FA063 Z3900311 Fan Coupling Flange
ETP-FA064 Z3900316 Fan Coupling Flange
ETP-FA065 Z3900324 Fan Coupling Flange
ETP-FA066 Z3900417 Fan Coupling Flange
ETP-FA067 Z3900418 Fan Coupling Flange
ETP-FA068 Z3900059 Fan Terminal Pad
ETP-FA069 C4959865 CumminsFan Hub
ETP-FA070 C3923044 Fan Hub Bezel
ETP-FA071 C3276822 Cummins Fan Bracket
ETP-FA072 C3285946 Cummins Fan Bracket
ETP-FA073 C3285947 Cummins Fan Bracket
ETP-FA074 C3415312 Cummins Fan Bracket
ETP-FA075 C3415603 Cummins Fan Bracket
ETP-FA076 C4932907 Cummins Fan Bracket
ETP-FA077 C4932910 Cummins Fan Bracket
ETP-FA078 C4932912 Cummins Fan Bracket
ETP-FA079 A3911202 Fan Bracket ASSY
ETP-FA080 A3960076 Fan Bracket ASSY
ETP-FA081 A3960076Q Fan Bracket ASSY
ETP-FA082 A3960390 Fan Bracket ASSY
ETP-FA083 A3960727 Fan Bracket ASSY
ETP-FA084 A3960844 Fan Bracket ASSY
ETP-FA085 C3285949 Fan Bracket ASSY
ETP-FA086 C3976730 Fan Bracket ASSY
ETP-FA087 L00223 Fan Bracket ASSY
ETP-FA088 Z3900054 Fan Bracket ASSY
ETP-FA089 Z3900069 Fan Bracket ASSY
ETP-FA090 Z3900475 Fan Bracket ASSY
ETP-FA091 3005590-20 Guide Fan
ETP-FA092 206507-20 Guide Fan
ETP-FA093 3017953-20 Fan Base
ETP-FA094 3017954-20 Fan Base
ETP-FA095 3017670-10 Idler, Fan
ETP-FA096 3635034-20 Idler, Fan
ETP-FA097 3003478-20 Panel, Fan Guard
ETP-FA098 3003479-20 Panel, Fan Guard
ETP-FA099 3003881-20 Panel, Fan Guard
ETP-FA100 3011301-20 Panel, Fan Guard
ETP-FA101 3419052-20 Panel, Fan Guard
ETP-FA102 3419053-20 Panel, Fan Guard
ETP-FA103 4061017-20 Guard,Fan
ETP-FA104 42337-20 Spacer, Fan
ETP-FA105 670121-20 Spacer, Fan
ETP-FA106 70540-20 Spacer, Fan
ETP-FA107 167233-20 Spacer, Fan
ETP-FA108 208081-20 Spacer, Fan
ETP-FA109 218792-20 Spacer, Fan
ETP-FA110 219125-20 Spacer, Fan
ETP-FA111 219126-20 Spacer, Fan
ETP-FA112 219127-20 Spacer, Fan
ETP-FA113 3005589-20 Spacer, Fan
ETP-FA114 3035776-20 Spacer, Fan
ETP-FA115 3045665-20 Spacer, Fan
ETP-FA116 3045666-20 Spacer, Fan
ETP-FA117 4913786-20 Spacer, Fan
ETP-FA118 4913937-20 Spacer, Fan
ETP-FA119 4952765-20 Spacer, Fan
ETP-FA120 3165301-20 Cummins Fan Clutch
ETP-FA121 3165623-20 Cummins Fan Clutch
ETP-FA122 3165684-20 Cummins Fan Clutch
ETP-FA123 3165688-20 Cummins Fan Clutch
ETP-FA124 3165484-20 Connector,Fan
ETP-FA125 3165683-20 Connector,Fan
ETP-FA126 3050389-20 Shroud, Engine Cooling Fan
ETP-FA127 4060687-20 Guard,Fan
ETP-FA128 4060890-20 Connector,Fan
ETP-FA129 4914152-20 Connector,Fan
ETP-FA130 3002002-20 Bracket, Fan Shell
ETP-FA131 4061090-20 Adapter,Fan
ETP-FA132 212485-20 Hub, Fan
ETP-FA133 3002183-20 Hub, Fan
ETP-FA134 3637651-20 Hub, Fan
ETP-FA135 4914705-20 Hub, Fan
ETP-FA136 4913829-20 Fan Spacer Gasket
ETP-FA137 3002193-20 Fan Hubcap Shell
ETP-FA138 3031518-20 Shaft,Fan Hub
ETP-FA139 3036138-20 Shaft,Fan Hub
ETP-FA140 3002228-20 Hub, Fan Assembly
ETP-FA141 3002230-20 Hub, Fan Assembly
ETP-FA142 3002232-20 Hub, Fan Assembly
ETP-FA143 3002233-20 Hub, Fan Assembly
ETP-FA144 3012649-20 Hub, Fan Assembly
ETP-FA145 3012666-20 Hub, Fan Assembly
ETP-FA146 3012667-20 Hub, Fan Assembly
ETP-FA147 3012668-20 Hub, Fan Assembly
ETP-FA148 3016344-20 Hub, Fan Assembly
ETP-FA149 3060255-20 Hub, Fan Assembly
ETP-FA150 3060256-20 Hub, Fan Assembly
ETP-FA151 3065358-20 Hub, Fan Assembly
ETP-FA152 3165495-20 Hub, Fan Assembly
ETP-FA153 3250950-20 Hub, Fan Assembly
ETP-FA154 3419198-20 Hub, Fan Assembly
ETP-FA155 3655291-20 Hub, Fan Assembly
ETP-FA156 3655946-20 Hub, Fan Assembly
ETP-FA157 4060703-20 Hub, Fan Assembly
ETP-FA158 4915199-20 Hub, Fan Assembly
ETP-FA159 4915253-20 Hub, Fan Assembly
ETP-FA160 4915469-20 Hub, Fan Assembly
ETP-FA161 178708-20 Belt,Fan
ETP-FA162 3040384-20 Belt,Fan
ETP-FA163 3040385-20 Belt,Fan
ETP-FA164 3325963-20 Belt,Fan
ETP-FA165 3165789-20 Guard,Fan Belt
ETP-FA166 4061018-20 Guard,Fan Belt
ETP-FA167 211866-20 Pulley,Fan Belt
ETP-FA168 211869-20 Pulley,Fan Belt
ETP-FA169 212491-20 Pulley,Fan Belt
ETP-FA170 212492-20 Pulley,Fan Belt
ETP-FA171 3002220-20 Pulley,Fan Belt
ETP-FA172 3002222-20 Pulley,Fan Belt
ETP-FA173 3099205-20 Pulley,Fan Belt
ETP-FA174 3419199-20 Pulley,Fan Belt
ETP-FA175 4914077-20 Pulley,Fan Belt
ETP-FA176 3165440-20 Pulley, Fan Idler
ETP-FA177 4915369-20 Pulley, Fan Idler
ETP-FA178 3021668-20 Guard,Fan
ETP-FA179 3021669-20 Guard,Fan
ETP-FA180 3011291-20 Panel, Fan Guard
ETP-FA181 3003890-20 Bracket, Fan Shell
ETP-FA182 217034-20 Brace,Fan
ETP-FA183 208829-20 Bracket,Fan
ETP-FA184 210235-20 Bracket,Fan
ETP-FA185 3012281-20 Bracket,Fan
ETP-FA186 3015460-20 Bracket,Fan
ETP-FA187 3165622-20 Bracket,Fan
ETP-FA188 3655380-20 Bracket,Fan
ETP-FA189 3819984-20 Bracket,Fan
ETP-FA190 3892321-20 Bracket,Fan
ETP-FA191 3655699-20 Bracket,Fan
ETP-FA192 3655790-20 Bracket,Fan
ETP-FA193 3253776-20 Support,Fan
ETP-FA194 211854-20 Shaft,Fan
ETP-FA195 3011657-20 Shaft,Fan
ETP-FA196 3036137-20 Shaft,Fan
ETP-FA197 3036139-20 Shaft,Fan
ETP-FA198 3060246-20 Shaft,Fan
ETP-FA199 211855-20 Shaft,Fan
ETP-FA200 211857-20 Shaft,Fan
ETP-FA203 5272335F HUB,FAN
ETP-FA204 3911924F HUB,FAN

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