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ET No. Part No. Part Name
ET-CL001 3283469 Cummins Control Governor
ET-CL002 3933846 Air control valve
ET-CL003 3938872 Fuel control housing
ET-CL004 3968025 Cummins Ignition Control Module
ET-CL005 3992086 Adapter, Fuel Connector
ET-CL006 3992087 Adapter, Fuel Connector
ET-CL007 4928880 Adapter, Fuel Connector
ET-CL008 4928881 Adapter, Fuel Connector
ET-CL009 4936374 Adapter, Fuel Connector
ET-CL010 4941538 Adapter, Fuel Connector
ET-CL011 4946653 Adapter, Fuel Connector
ET-CL012 4983837 Adapter, Fuel Connector
ET-CL013 4989772 Adapter, Fuel Connector
ET-CL014 C3978550 Cummins Control Plate
ET-CL015 C3992086 Adapter, Fuel Connector
ET-CL016 C3992087 Adapter, Fuel Connector
ET-CL017 C4928880 Adapter, Fuel Connector
ET-CL018 C4928881 Adapter, Fuel Connector
ET-CL019 C4941538 Adapter, Fuel Connector
ET-CL020 C4944763 Adapter, Fuel Connector
ET-CL021 C4944764 Adapter, Fuel Connector
ET-CL022 C4946651 Adapter, Fuel Connector
ET-CL023 C4982424 Cummins Speed Controller
ET-CL024 C4990582 Cummins Control Governor
ET-CL025 C4997668 Adapter, Fuel Connector
ET-CL026 C5258336 Adapter, Fuel Connector
ET-CL027 C5258611 Adapter, Fuel Connector
ET-CL028 C5258613 Adapter, Fuel Connector
ET-CL029 C5258614 Adapter, Fuel Connector
ET-CL030 C5258615 Adapter, Fuel Connector
ET-CL031 ESD5500E Cummins Speed Controller
ET-CL032 L00277 Cummins Controller
ET-CL033 Z3900548 GAC Control Plate
ET-CL035 102483-20 Control valve end
ET-CL036 3044195-20 Cummins Speed Controller
ET-CL037 3044196-20 Governor controller
ET-CL038 3056564-20 Oil control valve
ET-CL039 3071599-20 Oil control valve
ET-CL040 3076334-20 Oil control valve
ET-CL041 3076341-20 Oil control valve
ET-CL042 3090732-20 Oil control valve
ET-CL043 3096081-20 Oil control valve
ET-CL044 4914062-20 Control valve adapter
ET-CL045 4914160-20 Cummins Controller

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