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Analyse of Cummins diesel engine output is not enough

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Fault type: output is not enough
Fault phenomenon: the generator set power supply is short serious, the high load is the speed drop or fluctuation phenomenon

Fault reason:
a: the fuel filter is clogged and result in the fuel supply is poor
b: the fuel pipeline has leakage and result in air infiltration into the oil tube
c: the air filter is clogged and result in air inlet is poor
d: the temperature of fuel is high
e: engine exhaust pressure is high
f: the oil level is high and cause the resistance to the crankshaft and result the power loss
g: there may be air leakage phenomenon between the backend of turbocharger and intake manifold and this result in the insufficient intake pressure

Fault handling
a: check the fuel filter element. If has clogging or many impurities, please replace this fuel filter
b: check the oil supply pipeline. If has oil leakage, please do this modification to prevent the air into the engine when normal operation
c: check the air filter element and compress the air to clean it or replace new one
d: to measure the fuel temperature. If the temperature is more than 50’C, please cool down or add the fuel to reduce the temperature
e: check the engine exhaust manifold to ensure the exhaust is smooth and confirm that the exhaust pressure is less than 90mmhg.
f: in the cold condition or 5-10 minutes after engine stop, check the oil pan oil surface height through the oil scale. If the oil surface is more than H, please exhaust the excess oil to ensure that the oil surface is between H and L
g: in the running state, check the backend of turbocharger to intake manifold with special tools aid(be careful of being burned by the high temperature and high pressure air), please do fasten the parts if has air leakage

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